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“I first saw your incredible story while watching the 2005 Ironman. As an avid baseball history fan I consider Lou Gehrig one of the greatest because he was likely the first to give ALS a voice. Your voice has been much louder and stronger thank goodness. The words THANK YOU are not enough to express how you have opened eyes and minds about ALS and hopefully soon there will be a cure.”

Mary Ann Pults

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Word on the Street
The Chicago Tribune, December 6, 2006
Tinley Park native Brian Breen will be one of the athletes covered in Saturday’s broadcast of the 2006 Ford Ironman World Championship at 3 p.m. on WMAQ-Ch. 5. Breen, 31, ran the race in honor of Jon Blais, who completed the 2005 race despite being diagnosed in 2004 with ALS, or Lou Gehrig’s disease. At this year’s race, Blais, now wheelchair-bound, waited for Breen to cross the finish line and embraced him in an emotional moment that will be seen on the broadcast.