Importance of ALS Tissue for Research

The University of Maryland Brain and Tissue Bank acknowledges the recent expansion of the Blazeman ALS Tissue Collection and how this donation allows them to directly market the availability of ALS Tissue to researchers. This current fiscal year, ALS is ranked number one in terms of the number of samples they have shared from neurologic and developmental disease tissue. Future opportunities include working closely with the BMF to identify specific ALS investigators with whom they might establish a working relationship to expedite their research.

rhHsc70 is not a therapeutic viability in preserving neuromuscular junction innervation in the SOD1 mouse model of ALS

The Mulligan Lab at Wake Forest University was working on a dose response study of the Hsp70 protein with the hopes that their ALS scientists and clinicians would be able to start to design initial clinical trials in patients. Unexpectedly, the protein does not prevent neuromuscular junction denervation in the mouse model of ALS.